The Grew & Co team want your ring to be the perfect fit. If you’re NSW-based, we urge you to visit us to be sized up by a jeweller in store. For our international clients, please get sized by a local, reputable jeweller and send us your size over email. Grew & Co is not responsible for incorrect sizing by third parties.

For those wanting to surprise a loved one, we can almost accurately estimate the ring size with a few clear photos of the recipient’s hands and their height measurement. In these instances, if the ring size needs a slight adjustment the first resize is complimentary.

Please note: the customer is responsible for the return shipping of the order.


Each and every Grew & Co jewellery piece undergoes many rounds of quality control before being sent to a customer. However, manufacturing faults can happen.

If you believe you have received a faulty product, please get in touch with us immediately to notify us of the fault. After a careful assessment by a qualified jeweller, we will advise you of next steps.

General wear and tear due to normal use is not considered a fault or covered by warranty. Each jewellery piece is delicate and unique in nature and should be handled carefully and accordingly; please refer to our Jewellery Care Guide for specific information on maintenance of your item. While diamonds and gemstones are ‘hard’ they can be broken and chipped if the wearer isn’t following proper care. Stones in this condition are not covered under warranty. Similarly, diamonds and gemstones that have become loose or lost due to damage are not covered under warranty and will be quoted for replacement or repair.


Grew & Co will cover the cost of repairs under normal wear for the first six months after purchase. However, if your ring is noticeably damaged due to improper care or any other manner, we can repair the ring at cost. We offer complimentary stone assessment and cleaning to Grew & Co clients.

After the first six months, Grew & Co will perform repairs for a fee. Repair costs will vary on a case-by-case basis and a quote will be provided for agreement prior to repairs commencing.

If Grew & Co jewellery is worked on by other jewellers or jewellery companies the item(s) will no longer be covered under warranty. It is strongly advised that all Grew & Co jewellery be returned to our workshop for a proper assessment.

Every Detail Counts

Every stage of the process takes care and craftsmanship