Responsible Practice

We believe ethical design practice is a necessary responsibility of creating beauty from nature’s gifts.

Made locally in Sydney, Australia, we take pride in our responsible practice and impeccable standards. With an in-house workshop and an entirely local production process, we ensure all materials follow a chain of accountability, such as Australian sapphires sourced from small-scale mining operations.

All Grew & Co stones are ethically sourced and our diamonds conflict-free. In many cases, we purchase gemstones direct from the miners themselves, therefore guaranteeing their profits. Careful consideration is also given to the life cycle of the mines.

Our Products and Design

Great design is about more than aesthetics – it’s about form, function and meaning. When you own a Grew & Co piece you can feel the care, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that has gone into your creation.

Life evolves and changes but the simplicity and elegance of your Grew & Co piece endures. 


Every Detail Counts

Every stage of the process takes care and craftsmanship