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Choosing the Perfect Stone


When searching for Grew & Co stones to add to our inventory, we travel the world to find the best and brightest diamonds and gemstones. The stones chosen are exceptional examples of their kind, scrutinised for unique characteristics inherent to each particular variety. 


The distribution of colour and brightness of the material is a key focus point and we often recut gems to maximise their brilliance and realise their true potential. We sight dozens of eligible stones before choosing the right one privileged enough to be made into a Grew & Co product.

A piece to last a lifetime

Your Love, Your Story

Made in Australia

We are made in Australia. Every step, from start to finish is crafted in our Sydney workshop.

Ethical Practices

We value quality over quantity and consider the origin of our materials. We source from small scale operations and recycle our materials.

One of a Kind

Each piece is expertly crafted around unique stones. Create an heirloom to treasure forever.

Feel Good Guarantee

Eligible purchases can be exchanged for a store credit, issued in gift card form, if exchanged within 14 days of pick up or delivery.